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Thread: Security of Zimbra server?

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    Post Security of Zimbra server?


    When we are going to host Zimbra with a static IP what are the security measures to take? Should we use firewall on the linux server or a hardware firewall?


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    Security isn't boxed product, something you buy and magically your system is secure.
    For firewall, yes or no, depends on your infrastructure setup.

    It all comes from understanding what the system is doing.
    * Why the system has service XYZ running?
    * Should it be running there? if yes, where it should be visible to.
    * What parts of the system should different services have access to?
    * tons of other aspects depending on the viewpoint..

    Take your time to understand what the product is doing, what each separate component is doing, why it's there, and why it's configured as it is in default install.
    After you understand how the thing works, you can really start considering how to secure it against outside threats.

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