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Thread: Does any one have tired backing up virtualized machine folder with Rsync

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    Default Does any one have tired backing up virtualized machine folder with Rsync

    Hello Guys,

    Just keen to know if I am running zimbra community edition on Free ESXi Version which natively doesn't offer Data Recovery Manager, can we backup the entire folder using rsync or other linux based backup utilities? And then same can be used for restoration purpose?

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    I run Zimbra OSE 7.20 on ESXi 5 Free as well, and since I've set my disk as thin provisioned, I use a script called GhettoVCB to backup my virtual machines. It's around 50GB to backup my mail server.

    VMware Communities: - Free alternative for backing up VM's for ESX(i) 3.5, 4.x+ & 5.x

    It works quite well,

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