Hi All,

I have to perform a zimbra upgradaton on three servers of a company in three different cities (HK, SH & BJ). I have some questions regarding this and it would very appreciative & helpful if some one can give me some suggestions on any of these doubts.

1. How to back-up the existing installation (local storage sufficient?)
File system Size Used Avail. Use % Mounted on
/dev/sdb1 199G 141G 48G 75% /opt
/dev/sdc1 90G 25G 25G 71% /media/store1

2. How long time would it takes? (approx.)
3. Would the HK server/BJ server be effected during or after upgradation of SH server?
4. Can I do one by one (SH server first then HK followed by BJ) or I need to do all three simultaneously?

Nitish Saurabh
Linux System Engineer
Entinux Pvt. ltd.