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Thread: Zimbra Active directory kerberos thunderbird

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    Default Zimbra Active directory kerberos thunderbird


    I hava a zimbra 7.1.4 community running and we use an active directory domain for authentication.
    On the client side we use Terminalservers with Thunderbird.

    I want to configure zimbra to use kerberos5 from Domaincontroller to set up thunderbird with Kerberos5/Gssapi

    All my tries were without luck so far. Can someone please tell me if it is possible?

    In the domain the gpo are configured so that the users passwords have to be changed all 90 Days. But when a user changes the password (AD) thunderbird asks for a password, which must be entered 3 times (logon, zindus and smtp)

    I want to use thunderbirds kerberos5/gssapi so that the user just has to change the password on the server and thunderbird does a single sign on with the actual credentials.

    thank you

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    Kerberos SSO is currently supported only with Zimbra web client.

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