Dear all:

I have a zimbra ( configure to split domain and at first zimbra receive all coming emails and then forward to lotus domaino ( .

So i added alias something like = AND

1)zmprov md zimbraMailCatchAllAddress
2)zmprov md zimbraMailCatchAllForwardingAddress
3) zmprov md zimbraMailTransport
postfix restart

It is fine but but the email address in emails mixing and , so i also want the domain name change to so i type:

zmprov md zimbraMailCatchAllAddress zimbraMailCatchAllCanonicalAddress

the ouput domain really changed but it seem conflict among the 1), 2) 3) and forwarding not function any more .
it show "User unknown in virtual alias table"

How can i achieve if not catch all address (zimbraMailCatchAllAddress ) but partially catch and compare with the alias list if containin the list then change to canaonical address , otherwise then direct forward to domaino.

Thanks help