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Thread: mailto links are getting cut in the webGUI

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    Default mailto links are getting cut in the webGUI

    I have an appliance that interacts with the users with a hash in the email body. I get an email from it, with an accept/reject links, that are mailto links, each generating an email reply with a long hash included in the body.
    All the clients I tried, including gmail, thunderbird, blackberry, outlook and a few others work fine with this, but the zimbra web client cuts the hash short, rendering it useless.

    Here's what the links look like in the message body:

    <a href=3D";body=3DAction:%27Approve%27%0D%0ARemarks:%27=%27%0D%0A%0D%0A%0D%0ATravelID[5]%0D%0AHashCode[fs1GGTCLz2FNS1ImL2BHRTBFjB9F=74NL9YnJJvV5bXDLYEtG9FvzRN7x1q93HvTIDUS2BMiZ4h9JA=3D=3D]" target=3D"_blank"=>
    So When I click the Approve button, I should get an email to with subject "Approval By Mail of TAS00005T" and in the body I should see the following:

    HashCode[fs1GGTCLz2FNS1ImL2BHRTBFjB9F74NL9YnJJvV5bXDLYEtG9F vzRN7x1q93HvTIDUS2BMiZ4h9JA==]
    In Zimbra, this almost happens, except that the final "==]" in the hash code are gone

    I'm not sure whether this mailto link is too long and Zimbra can't handle it or it decides to strip the final ==] for some reason, neither is seen happening on any other client, so I think this is a bug
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    bump, can someone please virify this is a bug?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olorin View Post
    bump, can someone please virify this is a bug?
    Suspected bugs should be filed in, not the forums. Zimbra QA can then verify and confirm the bug before engineering addresses it.

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