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Thread: Zimbra opensource Hot backup and restore

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    Quote Originally Posted by rtoliveira View Post
    Did you try to restore user preferences using ldif backups?
    no, but once you restore the ldap config +database user/pass are created and all of their preferences, including all of distribution lists, aliases.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rtoliveira View Post
    Dear bma,

    these scripts worked fine until now! We are using it in backup and restore procedures successfully!
    My environment: ~20000 accounts (mailbox size ranging between 1GB and 10GB) distributed along 6 mailbox servers.


    Rommel Oliveira
    And I m pretty curious to know how did you restore the accounts. I am pretty confused on restoration part.

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    Dear Shashikant,
    Can you send me the document as well.

    Thanks in Advance

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