Today's afternoon I was informed of this fake email that is being sent to our local domain:

Zimbra Account Warning

This mail is from Zimbra Administrator; we wish to bring to your notice the Condition of your email account.

We have just noticed that you have exceeded your email Database limit of 500 MB quota and your email IP is causing conflict because it is been accessed in different server location. You need to Upgrade and expand your Zimbra webmail quota limit before you can continue to use your email.

Update your email quota limit to 2.6 GB, use the below web link:

and login your full email address. Example and password

Failure to do this will result to email deactivation within 24hours

Thank you for your understanding.
Copyright ©2012 Zimbra Help Desk Technical Support Centre.
I was surprised how it likes to a real Zimbra's quota warning, some people in there were cheated off for this email.

The email sender is:

Hope of this guy don't be a Zimbra ex employee trying to hit down because he did not received his settlement