I'm fairly new to Zimbra, just set it up last week, and delving into the command line the past couple of days.
I've been googling for an answer to this, but haven't quite gotten there and would appreciate any help.

We've got briefcase folder sharing pretty much down.
However, some of our folks would rather see a folder just be immediately mounted in their directory as soon as it was shared out to their distribution list, rather than having to accept the share via e-mail, or worse, bringing up the "find shares" search interface.

So, ideally, you folks know of a preference or Zimlet that can just enable this functionality across the board: if it was the default, more people would be happy about it than not.

If that doesn't exist, I need some command line help.

My thought was to make a script that would poll every user, find any unmounted grants, and mount them.
I've got how to pull a user list and cycle through users (though I'd appreciate any help doing this more efficiently, I saw there is a way to do it while only calling zmmailbox once, using the -f option)
I've also got how to actually mount the shares
It's that middle step that's got me...I've got no clue how to query a user and determine what shares they have grants for. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if there is an approach or solution I'm not even considering, I'm wide open to any novel approaches you folks have.

Thanks for the help.