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Thread: 7.2 Patch 1 - Only posted to NE Downloads page ????

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    Default [SOLVED] 7.2 Patch 1 - Posted on FOSS Download page !

    Is there some particular reason that Patch 1 for 7.2 has only been posted to the Network Edition downloads page ?

    The same patches used to always be posted on the FOSS page too - and the release notes state that if you are running FOSS you might see your borwser tell you that you have upgraded to NE - just as with all previous patches.

    Can this patch be applied to a 7.2 FOSS system ?

    EDIT: Quanah from zimbra has confirmed below that the patch is also for FOSS, and is working to get it posted to the FOSS download page.

    EDIT: Patch has now been posted to the download page for FOSS
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