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Thread: Penetration testing of zimbra server

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmithMartinChristopher View Post
    I have now opened a ticket and have excluded what Support suggested. No dice on a fix.
    In addition, you should follow-up on the support case and if their answer really didn't work then get it confirmed as a bug and vote on it.


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    I got another mail from the support now, with some helpful links.

    Somebody already sent a bugreport about this problem for ZCS Version 7.1.4 (Bug 77756 – Setting attribute zimbraSSLExcludeCipherSuites does not exclude the cipher suite).

    There you have a link to openssl with mappings from cipher suites: OpenSSL: Documents, ciphers(1)

    I just used the mappings and excluded the ciphers again with the mapped name. Tomorrow when the vulnerabilit scanner comes by at the IP:Port where I had
    the problem I will know if it really solved my problem or not. I will let you know the result of this.

    In the bug report is also a link where you find the cipher suites supported by java/jetty: Java Cryptography Architecture Sun Providers Documentation

    Maybe this will help you guys.

    ADDED Fri 5 Oct 2012 15:54 CET:

    Ok guys, Nessus still reported the ciphers I excluded, also the ones that I excluded again two days ago with the name from the openssl mappings page. I will try to test it with sslscan and see if the result is different. But I don't know yet when I will find the time to do so.
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