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Thread: Zimbra starter license change

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    Default Zimbra starter license change


    I have a 15-user perpetual starter license.
    Reading the differences beteween editions on Zimbra - Compare Products I noticed that one option for the starter edition has disappeared, '
    Windows Mobile and other smartphone Contact, Calendar, Task sync' is no longer checked.
    Compare to the version of may 2011 on
    Zimbra - Compare Products - the option is checked.

    What does that mean?
    If I upgrade to Zimbra NE 8, will I loose Contact, Calendar and Task sync for my mobile devices? It is working now in my Zimbra NE 7 server.


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    All Standard Licenses bought after March 2012 does not include ActiveSync anymore, see They have done the change silently without a notice to there customers ...
    All Standard Licenses bought before March 2012 will still have ActiveSync included. So I think that your licenses are still include ActiveSync after upgrading to 8. But ask your sales contact to confirm that, they have a very very short response time ...

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