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Thread: Zimbra Two Node Active/Passive Cluster with GlusterFS

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    Default Zimbra Two Node Active/Passive Cluster with GlusterFS

    Hi all,
    a have to setup a Two node cluaster to manage only 50 Mailbox.
    Hardware x Node:

    2 x Xeon QuadCore E5606 2,13Ghz 8MB
    12G Ram
    2 x Hd Sata WD Black 1T Raid1 Areca 1200.

    Can I use GlusterFS to share /opt and /var/lib/mysql ?
    GlusterFs support MySQL ?

    ( Failover with Pacemaker/Corosync)


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    The only (currently) supported cluster solutions for ZCS is RHCS and that's on the Network Edition of Zimbra. If you want any other solution the search the forums and/or wiki for "high availability" and installation & configuration is up to you and whatever help you can get in the forums.


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