I've installed Zimbra 7.2 as a 60-day trial. After installation, Zimbra starts out seemingly fine. zmcontrol status says that everything is running. However, I am not able to send messages within my set up domain. In the admin console I have just one service with a red X: my MTA.

I'm running Zimbra off of a server running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. I also have Zimbra listening off of port 61 because I have it on the same machine as Apache Web Server. I can access the log-in just fine via a v-host. I had thought that it was possible problem was that the Zimbra postfix was conflicting with the one already running outside of it. I did a yum erase of postfix and this didn't solve anything.

Can any one offer up any possible solutions? What logs should I be looking at and sharing to get to the bottom of this?