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Thread: share calendar to group

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    I am using the admin UI Calendar tab>right click calendar>select share calendar>enter DL name>click ok
    Bill Rowland MCDST MCSA MCSE

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    Default Adding calendars

    If you're going to add shared calendars to people, and you don't want to allow them to screw up the mounting, here's the script I use.

    -must be run on the zimbra server, as the zimbra user.
    -the script was used to add email folders, but you can change the commands easily enough.
    -uses Ruby (installed on most systems these days)
    -was set up for my shared system here... one user, multiple items shared out. Once again, fix the commands to match your needs.

    It'll take multiple email addresses (added that for you) - just the username portion, comma separated no spaces, and you can choose from the menu (once you update it for your needs)

    It's a very simple script, but sometimes the most useful ones are.
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