I'm sorry for this craziness in advance, but I am in a spot. I am not new to linux server administration, but I am to Zimbra. I inherited administration of a server a day after the previous admin upgraded from 7.1 to 7.2. For whatever reason, it was designed with apache 2.2 and with zimbra. Prior to his upgrade from 7.1 to 7.2, they both started and were functioning. Now, they are not. So, I figured it might be better to leave apache off and just use zimbra. So I added a virtualhost entry to the bottom of the zimbra httpd.conf and did a zmapachectl restart. For whatever reason, zimbra did not change the directory it was using for the virtualhost. And yes, I had the "DocumentRoot" entry in there correctly. So I thought that was strange, and just did zmapachectl stop. Amazingly, the site was still responding. So obviously restarting zimbra-apache doesn't really restart the web service.

I'm really just looking for pointers as to where to start looking. We're about to overhaul the entire site and having to copy the files from the apache directory to the zimbra directory is kind of a pain. I have read the documentation, but unfortunately, it seems to really cover what I'm doing accurately.

Basic info

Each has its own IP address.

If I didn't include enough information, please let me know.