Hi All

I just had a horrible, horrible experience with failed ssl certificate regeneration, and in some respects I'm still battling with regenerating keys on the MTAs. But email is now flowing. This happened yesterday, and being end-of-month, the company has lost at least 24 hours in productivity and uptime..not good.

I have a Zimbra (patched) 7.1.1_GA_3196 Multi-Server setup.. 1 ldap master, 2 replicas (which are also mtas and ngnix proxies) and two mailstores. Five servers in all
After failing to successfully regenerate the ssl certs, I resorted to 'upgrading' the servers (using the original installation software) after I'd backed up the Zimbra directory on each server to different storage.

The problem is, the mailstores did not 'upgrade' as planned, and running out of time, since I had a backup of the Zimbra directory, I reinstalled them from scratch.

Please is there any way of retreiving that email store and repopulating the user accounts with the missing email?