Using Zimbra Desktop and ZCS, I had a folder called "Eployees" In side that folder I had a list of Employees by Name. Now I can't find the employees folder anywhere, in ZD or ZWC. I haven't accidentailly moved it to another folder.

so.. I can search for an email or employee who I know is in that folder or subfolder and display that email along with the folder they are in .

i.e. Search for "Craig" I can see and view emails from craig and the folder shows that it's in the "craig" subfolder employees\craig\ but I can't browser that folder. ARRGH.

I've re-indexed on Zimbra Desktop and on the server. I know the mail is not missing just the folder to get to the mail. This is getting annoying as I can't drag and drop mail from my inbox into these folders for filing or use the move option as Zimbra thinks this folder no longer exists. I've looked through every subfolder and am yet to locate my missing employees folder.

Any advise appreciated. ;-)