Version: Zimbra 7.2.0_GA_2669.UBUNTU10_64

Server A: (
- 1st mailbox server, proxy IMAP/POP/SMTP (forwards to

Server B: (
- 2nd mailbox server

Both are accessible via http/https (apache virtual/namebased proxy)
But just the Zimbra Proxy server ( accepts the inbound IMAP/SMTP/POP connections.


I have two installs of Zimbra (7.2.0 Open Source) on my local subnet, to different pieces of hardware.

Both Zimbra instances are up, in operation, email to and from both works internally, subnet'ly and externally on the Internet. It was really easy actually! Love Zimbra.

But, I'm trying to figure out calendar shares between the two, as 'internal shares'

Is is possible for a user on one mailbox server to share using the >>[*] Internal users or groups << option when sharing a calendar?

It does not seem to work, I figured it's two different realms, so they are not considered 'internal'. Can this be done by some LDAP wizardry or the like?

I am aware of 'public' shares in Zimbra with a URL, but I would like to share between both servers on my subnet as read/write/create/delete calendar items. (Internal users or groups)