There are some outgoing staff accounts we want to merge into an archive account before we delete them, however, we found that we have problem importing some huge account despite having sufficient storage in this archive account. We suspect that the maximum file size restriction is causing this problem. Anyone experienced this as well?

We proceed to do the manual method by sharing their mailboxes and briefcases etc into the archive account to transfer them group by group. However, we also found that we are not able to transfer any file greater than 10MB despite we have configured maximum file sizes to 50MB. We manage to overcome this when we configure email message size from 10MB to 50MB! Thus, we believe that we have found a bug! Please vote for this at: Bug 76684 – Briefcase file size limit

Is this the right behavior? This means the briefcase maximum size has followed the MTA message size instead of the one configured under General Information?