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Thread: Changing the backup destination in Zimbra 7.2

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    Default Changing the backup destination in Zimbra 7.2

    I am referencing this zimbra wiki : Changing Backup directory and General Information - Zimbra :: Wiki

    And am wanting to make sure the following commands will successfully point all future backups to the directory /zimbrabackups

    zmprov mcf zimbraBackupTarget /zimbrabackup
    zmprov fc config

    The referenced wiki makes note that the above commands may not be accurate for network editions, and since this is a production server I am wanting to do my due dilligence before issueing the commands to the server.

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    You can do the same thing in the Admin GUI, under the Global Settings. This looks correct in 7.1.1
    Jeffrey Turmelle
    International Research Institute for Climate and Society
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    Release 7.2.7_GA_2942.RHEL5_64_20140314190109 RHEL5_64 NETWORK edition.

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