Hello All...
I have read all the posts on zmztozmig but I can not find the answer the following. We are planning for a migration from NE 6.08 to 7.2 sometime at the end of the month. We will have a nice new Dell server with RH 6.3 64-bit installed...We have about 200 users and we would like to use zmztozmig to migrate to the new server. However, does the migration tool pull over user passwords? I did notice that it says we need to "provision" the users on the destination server...Do these users have blank passwords and then the migration tool will pull over their existing passwords from the old server?

Based on what I read we need to re-create aliases and distribution lists...Anythings else that will need to be recreated?

Thanks much...I read through the Wiki and I could not find an answer to the password question.