My Setup:
Release 7.1.4_GA_2555.UBUNTU8 UBUNTU8 NETWORK edition, Patch 7.1.4_P1.
1 External IMAP Server
5 Internal Accounts

The external IMAP Server shares an project E-Mail address to all related persons.
This IMAP account is very big.

On the Zimbra server 4 people need this account on their webinterface.
The idea was now that we create 1 IMAP share account that has the external included. This account shares the IMAP folder to the 4 other persons.
So the Mails from the external IMAP server are only stored one times on our zimbra server and we have much lesser traffic.

The problem is now while nobody is logged in to the IMAP share account the Mails where not updated.
We have already set the "zimbraDataSourceImapPollingInterval:" to 5 minutes.
Put this option seems only to work if the user is logged in.

Is there any way to start a new sync while the user is offline?
Maybe over the console with an cronjob?