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    Default hard links?

    I have a question which I hope some smart person can answer for me... I have searched the forums for a while bub didn't see an answer yet - and don't know if I've hurt myself...

    I back up my [opensource] zimbra 7.1.4 on Centos 5 with the command rsync -av /opt/zimbra ...(I've done this for years, including upgrades from RHEL4 to Cent5, etc)
    Well this weekend, I made a mistake while attempting to upgrade to 7.2.0 - and in the end, I had to restore. (very stupid story)
    When I read the restore how-to's I realized that I SHOULD have added the hard links to my rsync backup. (rsync -avHK)

    In the end, I did get the system back up and running,(uninstall zimbra, remove /opt/zimbra folder, install zimbra with same settings, re-rsync /opt/zimbra from backup) but how might I have hurt my system by the fact that I ended up restoring /opt/zimbra using an rsync copy which did NOT contain Hard links or keep-dirlinks...??

    Am I screwed? what does zimbra use hard/soft links for?

    Thanks in advance!
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