I'm testing Zimbra to see if it will accomplish the tasks necessary for a small office staff to do some unique things without needing to integrate into a ticketing system or salesforce type of system. We don't do much outgoing sales mainly take calls and arrange the necessary service calls etc.

First situation I'm looking to see if we can do somehow - We have a sales staff of about 5 people across different geographic areas, (Among some other departments) and we have a domain that hosted on a different platform which we CANNOT change because of all the domains hosted there and customers who use that system. I am creating a .org for us to use as sort of our collaboration area to manage our daily calendars, shared tasks, and have multiple people manage one email account. I'm trying to have email forwarded automatically from the alternative server sales@.com --> sales@.org the zimbra collaboration server. I have it come into a "Filtering" account that filters messages into shared folders depending on their FROM. Example Sales@.com goes to Sales folder, and support@.com goes to Support folder.

User1, User2 on the zimbra server etc all have access to this "Sales" shared folder. When they go into that folder I have a persona for each person set up that if they reply to a message in "Sales" it will automatically use their persona with User1 (Sales). I will change the reply to address as sales@.com (instead of .org). However the end user ends up seeing the "FROM" being from the sales@.org because that account is hard coded into the drop down list.

First of all, is there a way to automatically choose when a persona is used that it will uncheck "Send this message on behalf of:" automatically? The girls will forget to do this, I'm sure of it.

Second of all is there a way to establish some sort of trust between the .com / .org server so that when the email comes in the other person sees the header being from the .com and NOT the .org that is hard coded into the FROM account?

Third - in shared folders it looks like there is no way we can use shared tags. Tags seem to be independent to each user. So if say USER1 tags a message as red (todo) USER2 will not see that. Although flagging a message will be seen. Is there any plans to make a new type of "Shared" tag for people / departments to use?

Fourth - I'd like any replies going out from that persona using an outbound filter to automatically BCC a group of people to let everyone else know they responded to the person. I guess this is possible using the text of the FROM email address. But it would be handy to make one based on a "Persona" instead. This isn't an option to select from the drop downs.

Next question is about tasks. I know you can share task folders and LISTS but there doesn't seem to be a way of assigning or assigning teams to certain tasks. I mean I could make sub folders for each person but I want reminders to be sent to parties involved etc. Also the ability to "respond" or "reply" to a task as a method of communication in the process of doing these tasks would be a VERY simple but effective way to help people with basic project management. Is this in the works? Other than the social media and email there is no real public discussion group / forum area you can use in ZCS even though it is a "collaboration suite". There should be comments or the ability to append notes to any item needed. For example a task I could attach a comment to "don't forget to do this" without having to send an email to everyone about it.

I have many more questions but that is a good start for now. I'll add more as I go, and as I can remember them