Hi all,

I've already installed Zimbra 7 in my Redhat 6, everything is ok, but i need to import all my account from my old zimbra 5. I tried to do it with the Migration Wizard, but i couldnt make it work. I dont know what i done wrong .

Some details:
Type of mail Server : Zimbra Colaboration suite .
Import account records : yes
import mail : yes
Import from another Zimbra LDAP directory
Automatic cxreate missing domians : yes
LDAP URL : IP address from the source server (Old zimbra) : 389
BInd DN: uid=zimbra,cn=admins,cn=zimbra
Bind password: <password got it from old server whit zmlocalconfig -s zimbra_ldap_password>
LDAP filter : (objectclass=zimbraAccount)
LDAP search base: dc=example,dc=com

After that , i dont have any contacts to import,

I will appreciate if anyone can help me or give any tips about.