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Thread: Zimbra on Pacemaker + DRBD howto

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    Post Zimbra on Pacemaker + DRBD howto

    Update: Please check: Zimbra 8 High Availability on Ubuntu 12.04 Master Thesis post instead. It's a more complete document and written in English.

    Original post:

    Zimbra 7 OSE HA (Alta disponibilidad) - Pacemaker + Corosync + DRBD - Ubuntu 10.04

    The former link is a howto about making Zimbra OSE to work in High Availability mode thanks to Pacemaker, Corosync and DRBD according to 2012 year state of the art.

    This howto is quite special because:

    • It assumes a complex network setup
    • It asummes your physical host uses Virtualbox as virtualisation
    • Its network setup is based on OVH datacentre
    • It is written in Spanish

    so here there are our pieces of advice:

    • If you want to learn Pacemaker + Corosync + DRBD please check other documents at the document bibliography
    • If you want to deal with OVH ip-fail-over (without virtual rack setup) check that and OCF scripts included
    • If you are interested in Zimbra you should look at how OCF script was installed, you can download zimbra OCF and check how it has been used in a primitve

    A big thank you to #linux-ha people on freenode for their support.
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