Im trying to install Zimbra 7.2.0_GA_2669.FOSS using an external Ldap. My ldap provider is the Novell NDS
that is installed in an OES 2.2.

I have some doubts about the configuration of "LDAP Filter" and "LDAP search base". Im trying to use the "uid" field
as an identifier of my users. All my users/clients has the field configured correctly.

My dn/user is correct, the connection tests works.

I cant search the Novell NDS/LDAP for user authentication. I think the option is not ok.

My dn/user used to connect is in a context, and the users in other. Something like this:

o=conect1 ==> user/dn

o=conect2 ==> login to users

Both contexts are in the top of my Novell NDS/LDAP.

I read the manuals, and tried all the options there I found, but none of them worked.

How can Zimbra be configured to use Novell NDS/LDAP ?