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Thread: Forwarding only accounts

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    Default Forwarding only accounts

    Is there a way to create an account that will only forward to another address, without storing a local copy or allowing login rights? Right now, I use the admin interface to create a user, and when creating the account I set the forwarding address. But this allows both the user to login and a local copy is created. So I set the account status to locked, and the mail gets forwarded, but still the local copy is made. I suppose I could use zmprov to clear the zimbraMailDeliveryAddress, and I think this will stop the local copy from being created.

    But is there a simpler way to do this in one step? Like with zmprov?

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    Default distribution list

    set up the local account as a distribution list (zmprov cdl list@domain.tld) and add the external account to the dl (zmprov adlm list@domain.tld acct@external.tld)

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    Lightbulb Another option

    You could also create this as an account alias.


    Your email acount is
    The address you want to create is
    Go into the Admin Counsole.
    click on the accounts icon.
    Click on the account you want the mail delivered to (your account?
    Click on Edit
    Click on the Aliases Tab
    Type in the name of the account you want to be the "dummy account" (wilson)
    Click Add Alias
    Click Save


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