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Thread: Zimbra seems to be configured correctly but no emails arrive in Inbox

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    Default Zimbra seems to be configured correctly but no emails arrive in Inbox


    I have installed and configured Zimbra for the first time.

    I can send emails fine but can't receive any emails from any host.

    My server is I also have another server running cpanel with emails for this domain. I am trying to create accounts in zimbra that differ from the names on the cpanel server and whenever I send an email to my domain whichever server has the account will receive the message.

    My zimbra server passes mx test on the domain configuration page.

    Can someon help me diagnose this problem?

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    It seems your MX records are set up OK externally.

    But it does not appear to be a postfix server running on port 25 on your IP address. Are you sure that there are no firewall redirects pointing it elsewhere - or that there is no other mail application running on port 25 ?

    As regards having mail distributed between servers - external clients can only point to your primary MX by default. It will be up to you to devise a way to get the mail over to the secondary server. If it is not a large amount of accounts perhaps you can create a copy of each account on the zimbra box and have it auto-forward emails to the same account on the secondary server without keeping a local copy. Not entirely sure how you would configure it.

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