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Thread: Email blocked as SPAM, sender in blacklist but receiver never did it

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    Default Email blocked as SPAM, sender in blacklist but receiver never did it

    Let e descibe a very recurrent scenario:
    the sender try to send an email to a collegue, mail is considered SPAM,

    for i in `zmprov -l  gaa`;do zmprov ga $i amavisBlacklistSender;done
    searching amavisBlacklistSender for all the account reveals that many of them have thei collegue in blacklist.
    The very strange thing is that none of them does know how to add an address to blacklist list.
    Myself didn't, either, I search forum to find out

    Now I wonder:
    why many accounts have collogues in amavisBlacklistSender when they ignore what balcklist sender is?
    how can happen this?

    I need to find an answer as this happens very often, sadly, very sadly
    and ppl is angry, as well

    EDIT: this evening a user complained that he is not receiving mail sent to himself, incredible but true, his mail address was one of many into his blacklist; I cannot think that he has self-blacklisted, it's a bug, imho
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