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Thread: Migrating Zimbra integrated IM to OpenFire

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    Post Migrating Zimbra integrated IM to OpenFire


    Just to share a few thoughts and initial discoveries on how this can be done.

    So far I have managed to move a test installation to Wildfire 3.1.1. This is very rough, I'll add some more details when I have time. I guest it is even possible to go to Openfire 3.7 directly by applying the required database changes.

    * read the wildfire/openfire manual!

    * export the IM mysql tables as user zimbra:
    source ~/bin/zmshutil
    /opt/zimbra/mysql/bin/mysqldump --user=root --password=$mysql_root_password --socket=$mysql_socket  --single-transaction --flush-logs zimbra jiveExtComponentConf jiveGroupProp jiveGroupUser jiveID jiveOffline jivePrivacyList jivePrivate jiveProperty jiveRemoteServerConf jiveRoster jiveRosterGroups jiveSASLAuthorized jiveUserProp jiveVCard mucAffiliation mucConversationLog mucMember mucRoom mucRoomProp  > /tmp/jive.sql
    * create a new mysql database and user to hold the new data

    * import the IM tables

    * download and extract wildfire 3.1.1 from Ignite Realtime: Download Landing to /opt/wildfire

    * go through the mysql upgrade scripts and compare the changes to your IM database, apply the required changes and add the missing tables

    * start wildfire and go the setup wizard

    * point it to your newly created database

    * use LDAP as user database and point it to Zimbra's LDAP, also check here: LDAP Wildfire - Zimbra :: Wiki

    * done ;-)

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    cool. i imagine this will be a hot topic once 8 comes out and more people look to migrate to a different IM platform. keep us updated!

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    Does this give you presence information from zimbra ?

    Can it be hooked to the IM bar in the 7.2 GUI - or does it need it's own client ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by liverpoolfcfan View Post
    Does this give you presence information from zimbra ?

    Can it be hooked to the IM bar in the 7.2 GUI - or does it need it's own client ?
    I really haven't looked that deep into it. But if the IM bar can talk to external jabber
    servers, then it's presence information will show. I guess that the current presence
    indication also only comes from the IM bar and not from your Zimbra login.

    Zimbra 8 removes IM support completely, so I guess a Zimlet will have to replace
    the IM bar anyway. I haven't checked if there already is one....

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