I have a few questions......

First .. Here are the specs...

124 active users: approx 400 gb data

Current system
32 bit Centos 5.7
Zimbra 7.0.0_GA_3077

Test system:
64 bit Ubuntu Server 12.04 lts
Zimbra beta 8
__________________________________________________ ________________________

I staged a pre-release v8 beta system on a test domain with full MX funxtionality (direct to DNS no NAT)

I decided to test the functionality of briefcase as my company does use that feature quite extensively. I exported my briefcase docs (from my current 32 but setup) and they all imported cleanly and were 100 functional.

I was wondering if It migh be an option to actuially use the import export option to mugrate to the new 64 bit system.

I understand that some things would be lost... But what ones???

Server configurations./..
user specs? ( signatures / selected themes / other things)
learned spam (I'd rather start fresh anyway)
shares created (the shares would bneed to be re-sent for users)

Has anyone ever done this to have a clean no baggage install of zimbra much less do a 32-64 bit migration?
Can I cross Zimbra versions? (It's worked for Briefcase but there are other more complex things to migrate I'm certain)

Thanks Timg