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Thread: add new addressbook

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    Default add new addressbook

    I'm running NE.

    If I'm in the user client and click new addressbook, the button detects the click but nothing else happens, no now addressbook is created.


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    Try this:

    1. Log into web client
    2. Click on the "Address Book" application icon on the left
    3. Click on "New" drop down button in the toolbar and select "Address Book"
    4. Enter a name, hit OK.

    You should see a new address book show up in the left-side pane.

    If this isnt working for you, we'll need to know a few things:
    1. Which version of Zimbra are you running?
    2. What browser are you running?
    3. Do you get any (javascript) errors while logged in and performing the above steps?

    Anything else that can help us debug this for you..
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