Yesterday i created an new delegated admin to view adn using all COS and probably i have to enable the account aliases for domain alias's. The problem is now, that the user can see his own domain "mydomain.com" but he isn't able to see the 3 domain aliases "isthismydomain.com, blackbirddomain.com" ....

I searched the whole forum and i already tried "letmegooglethatforyou" but there are no answers of my question: "WHICH ACE (GRANT) PERMISSION DO I NEED TO VIEW DOMAIN ALIAS's"

I already tried:
global -> domainAdminConsoleAliasRight
domain "mydomain.com" -> domainAdminConsoleAliasRights
global -> listAlias
domain "mydomain.com" -> listAlias
global -> "adminConsoleAliasRights"
domain "mydomain.com" -> adminConsoleAliasRights

So my problem is, that i can't find any good whitepaper of all "Direct Grants and Information" and someone who has the same problem like me.

Im thankful for every response to my problem