For some reasons when the system (zcs-7.1.4_GA_2555.RHEL5_64) has been patched with the patch (zcs-patch-7.1.4_GA_2568) i am not able to restore the system, if the system is not patched the restore is succesful

The procedure i am doing is as follow:

remove zimbra (zcs-7.1.4_GA_2555.RHEL5_64 + zcs-patch-7.1.4_GA_2568)
install new zimbra (zcs-7.1.4_GA_2555.RHEL5_64)
apply patch (zcs-patch-7.1.4_GA_2568)
make sure zimbra maps correctly with UIDs
su - zimbra zmcontrol stop
make sure zimbra died
mv /opt/zimbra /opt/zimbra_old
rsync -avHK backup /opt/zimbra (the backup here is included with the patch)
apply patch again
install.sh , upgrade yes

I am getting a warning that the system will be upgraded from 2568 to 2555 and after it the error: Starting ldap...failed with exit code: 256.

My question is, how can you restore a patched system using the non-patched installation files? in my case how can you restore GA_2568 when using the GA_2555 package? Thanks