For example, I have 2 mail accounts: test1@sample.com and test2@sample.com.
In account test1@sample.com we have include external mail account (via POP-3), and mail from this external account has collected to folder "external mail" in test1@sample.com mailbox. Then I share folder "external mail" from mailbox test1 to mailbox test2. All works fine - test2 user was successfully read mail from this share folder. But we have problem - no button "check mail" from external account on shared folder in test2 mailbox. For collecting new mail from external account we should do 2 steps: user login to test1 mailbox and press button "check mail" (new letters download from external account), and then another user see that new mail in share folder of test2 mailbox. How can user of test2@sample.com mailbox Independently download new mail from external account without user of test1 mailbox.