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Thread: NAS and CIFS

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    well have you changed the default mailstore mountpoint or folder in the fs? Thats my question specifically. If I decide I want to store my mail in /mnt/NAS do I need to change anything other than the volume for the domain?

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    What we did was mount another local drive to /opt/zimbra/store2 and add this as a mailstore.
    What should work is:
    stop zimbra
    copy the mailstore to your NAS volume
    mount NAS volume at the same path that your old mailstore had, e.g. /opt/zimbra/store for the default mailstore.

    mounting a NAS volume somwhere (like /mnt/NAS) and setting a new mailstore to that path should work as well, also I think that zimbra is a little picky about paths outside its standard install path.


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