With ZCS 7 and earlier I had been using ProxyPass on my firewall's apache to expose my Zimbra VM's webmail at https://mydomain/zimbra. The config was as follows:

ProxyPass /zimbra http://zimbravm/zimbra
ProxyPassReverse /zimbra http://zimbravm/zimbra

(along with similar /service /home etc...)

After an attempt to upgrade to ZCS 8 left my systems in a funky state I ended up having to do a fresh install on a clone and migrate all the data over. Now it seems there is no longer a http://zimbravm/zimbra, but instead you have to access webmail via http://zimbravm/. This has caused some problems with ProxyPass since now I have to do the following:

ProxyPass /localfirewallfolder ! (exclude this, otherwise it's forwarded to zimbra where I get a 404)
ProxyPass / http://zimbravm
ProxyPassReverse / http://zimbravm

This is a problem as each time I add a folder locally on my firewall I have to also add an exclude. Is there anyway to re-base zimbra back to /zimbra or possible other ways to work around this?