Ok Gurus,
I'm not looking for the obvious and yes I RTFM.
So if you can't go deep watch the play from the sideline.

Any idea how the zmback command goes about it's business from a technical deep standpoint ?
I ask because I know the command exist in the NE version of Zimbra but not the FOSS.
I've read many times the myriad of backup procedures for FOSS.
For me, I haven't been satisfied with any of the FOSS methods.
From the docs, using zmbackup is so straightforward along with the zmrestore.

So, is it really jut about stopping the service and copying /opt/zimbra ? Nam must be more than that.
So what is zmbackup doing so secretively that the FOSS community can't create ?

For now, I literally put backup on users via the Preference Import Export
I was never successful with any of the FOSS methods allowing me to come back from bare metal as we say.