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Thread: access ZimbraConnectorOLK*x86.msi

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    Default access ZimbraConnectorOLK*x86.msi

    Hi guys,

    I've got this error message when I restart zmmailboxdctl since I've uninstalled starXpert_save zimlet.
    Is someone can help me how can I fix this.

    Everything was fine before that.

    zimbra@ZIMBRIX:/home/administrateur$ zmmailboxdctl restart
    Stopping mailboxd...done.
    ls: cannot access ZimbraConnectorOLK*x86.msi: No such file or directory
    ls: cannot access ZimbraConnectorOLK*x64.msi: No such file or directory
    ls: cannot access zimbra-isync*.dmg: No such file or directory
    Starting mailboxd...done.

    Thanks for your help

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    Already mentioned in the forums, it's a harmless warning and you can ignore it. That was supposed to have been fixed a while back but as you haven't posted your ZCS version I don't know if it should be in that - take a look in bugzilla to see when it was resolved.


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