Recently upgraded to 8.0.0 from 7.1 and I'm having some shared calendar issues. OS is Ubuntu 10.04.

I was able to get ical on the Mac Mountain Lion to allow me to add and edit events on a shared calendar. I got this to work by checking the option in the ZWC for, "Enable delegation for Apple iCal CardDav client" and then going to the Delegation tab in the iCal Preferences and checking the show checkbox. However, the calendar won't show up on the iPhone unless I uncheck the "Enable delegation for Apple..." checkbox. Even after unchecking that checkbox, and when I can see the shared calendar on the iPhone, I cannot add or edit events on the iPhone.

What settings do I need to configure so that I can add and edit shared calendar events for both the iphone and ical? Is this a Zimbra issue?

The shared calendar works fine on a android device using CalDav Sync app.