Hi everyone - I'm currently running OSS 7.2.1 (Ubuntu 8.04) on my home network and I want to upgrade it to 8.0 on Ubuntu 12.04. One of the things that I recall from the 8.0 release announcements is that Zimbra was saying that you could add an 8.0 system into your 7.2 environment and then move mailboxes from one to the other. I suppose my first question is whether this is a migration scenario that is only available with the Network Edition since I can't find the zmmailboxmove command on the system.

Ideally I would like to stage this so that I can move one or two mailboxes to become familiar with 8.0 before moving everyone else. Is there any option that is available to those of us that use the OSS? Or am I going to be forced to do an in-place OS / Zimbra upgrade?

Thanks for any suggestions!