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Thread: How to block some users from sending e-mail to all staff distribution list

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    Default How to block some users from sending e-mail to all staff distribution list

    Hi Zimba Guru,

    I' m new to zimbra and facing a challenge of restricting some users from sending mails to all staff distribution list and specify only few of them.

    Please assist on how to go about it.

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    Hello Ghanie, there is a feature to allow/disallow certain addresses and domains or public users to send to distribution lists, however I believe this is only available via the commandline and not the admin console (at least in 7.x - I haven't deployed 8 yet). You need to enable the milter server from the admin console or commandline and then use the zmprov grr commands to grant or block access to users/domains/public addresses to send to lists.

    If you look at this thread though: you'll see that it's still a bit rough around the edges and could be hard to get a setup working for some use cases (like the non-public except one domain scenario in that thread) but for simply setting up a whitelist of allowed addresses and denying everyone else, it's definitely possible.

    The topics to look for in the forum and wiki/documentation are: milter, distlist, grant rights.

    Hope that gets you on track.

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