Can anyone please help? I just posted this on IRC but there's been no response yet, so I've signed up here as well.

<Freakwent> Having downloaded the Zimbra Collaboration Server Appliance, I can't login. I've looked in these places:
<Freakwent> (via google)
<Freakwent> There are two links from the first one, one to a deleted wiki page, one to a PDF with passwords that don't work for me.
<Freakwent> I'm running from zca-, but I couldn't import it to Virtualbox, I had to extract it and import the ovf, if that's relevant. It's probably not. I can hit the web interface on port 5480 just fine, and I can get the console login prompt, but I can't login to either.
<Freakwent> What did I miss in the signup and introduction process that I should have paid more attention to?
<Freakwent> In the administrator's manual I see:
<Freakwent> Enter the complete administrator address as and the password.The initial password is configured when ZCS is installed.

I've looked everywhere I can think of and I've hit a dead end on this, I feel so stupid! I've followed every link in the introduction email and got nowhere. There's no README in the ova tgz, I'm out of ideas.

It occurs to me that it should probably be stated in the EULA, that would be pretty funny.

Thanks in advance!