Good day all,

We do encounter a problem once or twice every few months where some messages forwarded from an external address is not delivered to forwarded address..

for example:
email from is sent to then forwards it ( is on our zimbra box), now the sent message either doesnt arrive in the inbox of or it appears for a second or 2 then disappears from the inbox.

Now i have done some digging around the mailbox log and i found this:
Line 1176623: 2012-09-20 12:08:58,646 INFO [ScheduledTask-7] [;mid=15;ds=reco rds;] mailbox - not delivering message with Message-ID <25945494.691.1348156926848.JavaMail.Edward@R9-FCWNK> because it is a duplicate of sent message 231655

What would cause the message it to be duplicated ?? How can i prevent his this ? Whenever we try to forward the message the same thing keeps happening.

Please help