Hello all,

I am new to administering the Zimbra 7 server. I would like to create an LDAP group in which users would be "members" of this group. The Zimbra 7 server was set up by a previous administrator. I do not know much about it.

I have already found our web site for the Zimbra admin console though. I notice that the VMWare icon is displayed on the web admin console page. Furthermore, the main headings on the left side of the admin page are:
Addresses, Configuration, Monitoring, Tools, and Searches

Under Accounts, I can see all of the users on this page. I can create a user here also. But, I cannot create a group.

I have looked though some of the documentation also for administering a Zimbra 7 Server. I had not read everything, just skimmed. I have seen that there might be OpenLDAP also? I cannot find that anywhere either.

Also, I used the Softerra LDAP browser to verify that the LDAP service was working to begin with. It is. I see the users all listed in the LDAP search returned by Softerra. However, I see no groups in the list of users returned in Softerra. The BaseDN, ObjectClass, etc. appear to be correct. This information was given to me also, but it worked in Softerra to return the LDAP search results.

Any idea where I would go to create an LDAP group? ( Sorry for the long post, but usually the next question after a post like this is for a little bit more specific information which I tried to provide already the best I could. )

Thanks, in advance