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Thread: Internal Routing delivery

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    Default Internal Routing delivery

    Dear All,

    I am very happy using zimbra, now on our production server using 8.0.0.GA.5434.UBUNTU12.64 UBUNTU12_64 FOSS edition with Ubuntu 12.04 server. I will explain the situation:

    We have real domain:
    We have local domain: example.local

    example user real domain:
    example user local domain: a@example.local

    We pull all email on using fetchmail, everything goes work fine, example:
    fetchmail pull emailbox and distribute to a@example.local.

    My question is:
    when a@example.local send mail from (outlook, zimbra webmail) to example:, the header to: read as a@example.local not
    How to config situation like that on zimbra?

    before using zimbra i use postfix + mysql, with configuration like this:

    recipient_canonical_maps = use for routing email from local user, so local user can send email each other
    sender_canonical_maps = use to return email address to the origin address at the time of the reply.

    contain /etc/postfix/recipient_canonical : a@example.local

    contain /etc/postfix/sender_canonical:
    and then i postmap that canonical, and restart the postfix, and

    when user: a@example.local send mail to, the header To: read as, so can send/reply to, and then fetcmail pull mailbox and distribute to a@example.local.

    I appreciate to all zimbra users who have situation like this to give a clue or answer, how make this in zimbra.

    Many thanks for the information and support.


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    Quote Originally Posted by uzrox View Post
    How to config situation like that on zimbra?
    Why do you not make life easier for yourself and have the domain on ZCS (your local domain) with the same name as your 'real domain'? You could also get the mail delivered directly to your Zimbra server.


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