Dear All,

I am very happy using zimbra, now on our production server using 8.0.0.GA.5434.UBUNTU12.64 UBUNTU12_64 FOSS edition with Ubuntu 12.04 server. I will explain the situation:

We have real domain:
We have local domain: example.local

example user real domain:
example user local domain: a@example.local

We pull all email on using fetchmail, everything goes work fine, example:
fetchmail pull emailbox and distribute to a@example.local.

My question is:
when a@example.local send mail from (outlook, zimbra webmail) to example:, the header to: read as a@example.local not
How to config situation like that on zimbra?

before using zimbra i use postfix + mysql, with configuration like this:

recipient_canonical_maps = use for routing email from local user, so local user can send email each other
sender_canonical_maps = use to return email address to the origin address at the time of the reply.

contain /etc/postfix/recipient_canonical : a@example.local

contain /etc/postfix/sender_canonical:
and then i postmap that canonical, and restart the postfix, and

when user: a@example.local send mail to, the header To: read as, so can send/reply to, and then fetcmail pull mailbox and distribute to a@example.local.

I appreciate to all zimbra users who have situation like this to give a clue or answer, how make this in zimbra.

Many thanks for the information and support.