Hi there.

I am currently running Zimbra NE 6.0.16 32bit, and am trying to migrate to 6.016 64 bit.

I've been following the guide, and have made a new virtual machine, installed Ubuntu 10.04 64 bit on, and downloaded Zimbra 6.0.16. I have installed this but am a little confused on a few things.

On the Store Configuration, it states:

Create Admin Users: yes
Admin user to create: admin@mydomain.com
Admin password Unset

I've looked on my 32 bit installation, admin@mydomain.com isn't there, but one of my users test@mydomain.com has an alias of admin@mydomain.com so what do I do for this?
I've looked in the localconfig.xml file and I cannot see anything about the admin password.

Would I set my admin account to be the test@mydomain.com and their password, or is it better to remove the alias, then re create the admin user, set that password, and then use that?

It also asks for spam training user and ham training user. My 6.0.16 32 has 2 spam users and 2 ham users, any idea which I need, i think when I did an upgrade from 5.0.10 > 6.0.16 it added another one in, so which is the main used one? they are both in the same format ie: spam.learnthis and ham.learnthis @ mydomain and then spam.randomcharacters and ham.randomcharacters @mydomain

Ive done:

zmprov gacf | grep SpamAccount

which shows:
zimbraSpamIsNotSpamAccount: ham.learnthis@mydomain.com
zimbraSpamIsSpamAccount: spam.learnthis@mydomain.com

so I assume that is correct, and the other 2 are redundant?

Any advice is welcomed.